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Wednesday's discussion really got me thinking... We, (Americans) are so spoiled with everything that we have readily available to us! I have worked retail for a number of years, and I can't help myself but get frustrated when someone who speaks a different language than me comes in and slows usually processes down. It doesn't help that I'm an impatient person, but Americans are so Ethnocentric that we do't really take the time to think about this melting pot that we live in. I'm in the middle of planning my study abroad trip to France next semester to work on my language, and I keep thinking to myself, "This is karma, when I get there- people are going to be so mean to me because I'm not native!" I think when I come home it will be even more clear to me that there are constant signs of home which surround us everyday. We don't even notice it anymore! I have to say though, I hate that all this snow is what reminds me of home- yuck! But, we have so many immigrants here who are trying to fit in, yet we make it impossible to do so because we have basically slapped our "Murica!!" brand on everything. If you really think about it, and put yourself in someones shoes who speaks, lets say, Korean- it would be impossible to even try to call America "home". There are so many barriers which immigrants must battle each day just to feel included, and our ethnocentric-ism doesn't help. All i know, is that I'm about to feel what they go through each day for 5 months and I'm a little worried. Yesterday was orientation, and an alumni from the program said he brought things that reminded him of home because France was so foreign without it. So.. I guess i'll try to do the same! Wish me luck! KS

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