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This week was very interesting. I thought the article for Wednesday was pretty challenging but once we talked it over in class I felt more understanding. I had never really thought about how the radio, news and just media in general could make people feel left out in the manner that we talked about it. I think that there a many examples of how one could feel like an outsider because what they hear on the news or radio compared to what they are familiar with at home. I also think the beginning of the episode we watched about that small town in Kansas was extremely helpful in helping me grasp the concept. They portrayed that town in so many ways that could make many people feel like they don't belong there. I also found it interesting that they depicted that town as a place where everyone there is a good honest person. They built up the town with all of these positive characteristics just to get the viewers to feel more sympathy for them once the tornado hit. The only problem is that some of the characteristics they used to make the town seem so great, happy, and innocent aren't always going to be viewed the same by everyone.

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I had the same response as you to Wednesday's reading. I was really unsure about the reading but in class I really began to understand it. I too never really thought about people using media as a way to stay connected to their homeland or in a different sense feel left out. After thinking about it though, I think it makes sense, especially since we've been discussing the constant use of stereotypes often found in media. If someone doesn't fit the stereotype's mold then they will feel left out.

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