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This week's readings were pretty though for me to understand, but I feel after the two discussion periods, I gained a little bit better of an understanding of the texts. From my past classes, I've learned a lot about immigration as well as what 'home' is so I feel Morley's article was a bit easier to understand from that aspect. In thinking about 'home' and technology as well as media, I've come to realize how much technology comes into play when people may immigrate from a specific place. They can keep in touch with what they are comfortable with, all the while, living in a different area. That idea opened up how I imagine what immigration is like today just because a person may not be home, yet they can experience homelike qualities or be in touch with people from their home with the use of the technology they have. This also mildly complicates how I view the technology aspect of bringing home with you just because not all people can afford or get ahold of the needed technology to access their home. I found Grewal's piece a lot more difficult to understand just because I couldn't relate to it since I've never really seen the U.S. as a place that is targeted to sell specific products like how India was with the Barbie dolls. I'm sure it is, but it was difficult for me to grasp the article, nevertheless.

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I am feeling you on understanding this week's readings, especially the reading we did for today. You bring up a great point about immigrants being connected by technology. 10 years ago I'm sure not many immigrants had a cellphone but now whoever you are if you are over the age of 12 you are going to have a cellphone. On top of having a cellphone too people have smartphones that can help connect them to whoever they want whenever they want. I think that because of this they do feel a sense of "home" despite either migrating or moving away from their family or friends. I do believe that a paradox exists between Morley bringing up the advancements in technology and this sense of "home" he talks about in his essay. Especially after watching that clip today about Greensburg, KS I just had a feeling that they were all so far out in the country that they are about 15 years beyond the latest trends. When talking about a sense of "home" I don't associate these feelings with my experiences on my computer or with technology. Rather I think about my mom's homemade cooking and how that smells and playing yard games with my neighbors on a hot summer's day. It's interesting that he brings up both of these topics because from what I can see they seem so opposite of each other.

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