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This week was once again very interesting, especially Wednesday's discussion. I find it really interesting talking about the concept of reality TV and its impact on society. The biggest loser was a very good example of how media can both serve as a motivator and a false advertiser. I think this example was good also because it caught me off guard. I would have never thought of it as an example before that last class. I think more times than not shows like the biggest loser can motivate people to take their lives into their own hands, however it does often times glorify the issues of obesity at hand and makes the process of losing weight seem easier than it really is. Also, most people cannot afford to spend all day working out with kids and/or a job. As well as being able to afford a personal trainer and gym membership. It's a good debate on which influence this show has the majority of the time. I believe it's a good one, just not entirely realistic.

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Those are very good points. Yes, it is much easier for the contestants on The Biggest Loser to lose weight on the show when they are being supplied with free healthy meals, a personal trainer, and an open schedule free of day-to-day responsibilities. Healthy food is very expensive and it is not possible for many families to buy fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy food on a regular basis. And you are right about the personal trainer and gym membership too. Those are expenses that many people cannot afford. Good post!

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