Grewal, Morely, Week 12

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The Grewal reading left me with mixed feelings about representations like the Indian Barbie. I feel like the presence of a Barbie that represents a culture and identity other than a idealized construction of the "perfect female" could be a positive force in cultural inclusion and awareness, though Mattel's product simply projects western ideologies onto another culture, with the expectation that these cultures will assimilate with American structures of identity and value. If Mattel truly had a global conscious they might partner with creators from other cultures to produce something more culturally independent from what they did. I find the white Barbie in Indian dress especially distasteful, because it suggests that Indian children inherently want to be like white children. However, as the US becomes a more multi-ethnic nation, I welcome more intercultural exchanges in the media, and beyond.

The I better understood the Morely piece after watching the video about the community in Kansas. Morely focuses so narrowly on the UK in the essay, so the video helped give me more perspective. One thought I had in response to both, is how the ability of sub-cultural movements to thrive as closed communities is affected by the rise in social media and the internet. I thought of this after Morely mentions how Pakastani cab drivers buy cassettes of muslim sermons at cab-stands and coffee shops to listen to in their cars. The access to this media unto this point been limited to one's knowledge of where to pick up such material, but now much of that information is shared on the internet. The same goes for sub-cultures surrounding art and music. In the past one would have to find the little hole in the wall that supplied the media they were after, and know you can just Google it.

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Hi! I like how you said that cultural movements thrive as closed communities and how they are affected by the rise in social media and the internet. I feel like sometimes we forget that the United States is a melting pot. There are a lot of people in the country, and they too are affected by the rise in social media and the internet. However, with this said, i feel that people who are not American are disclosed from many of the opportunities we have to be globally communicative.

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