Johnson, "Everything New is Old Again: Sport Television, Innovation, and Tradition for a Multi-Platform Era"


Please post your discussion questions on Johnson's "Everything New is Old Again: Sport Television, Innovation, and Tradition for a Multi-Platform Era" below, using the following to guide your reading:

1. What does Johnson mean by "post-network"? Why does sports media present a paradox within the "post-network era"?
2. What does Johnson argue is unique about sports in the context of a shifting media environment? Do you agree? Could one make similar arguments about other categories of media content?
3. What does Johnson mean when she calls (following Robert McChesney), "ideologically safe"?
4. What makes sports programming "hybrid"? Why is this significant, for Johnson?
5. At the end of her essay, Johnson writes, "Arguably, sport and network television are particularly symbiotic US cultural institutions. They appear uniquely apolitical and are simultaneously our most visible indicators of whom and what are most valued within contemporary US culture (as seen in sponsor dollars, 'ideal' target audiences, scheduling practices and the featured sports themselves)" (Johnson 133-134). What does she mean? What are some examples of the seemingly apolitical nature of sport programming and the ways in which it has important political consequences when thinking about inequalities?


While reading this article I was wondering how the "Superstation" phenomenon using satellite redistribution played a role in local sports on television. Also I am wondering why sports TV has been both "visual and aural means, sports programming has regularly been the site through which new modes of television technology, aesthetics and address have been introduced, and by which viewers have become familiar with and been encouraged to adopt new technologies and applications.." Why sports in this case? Why not prime time television of TV shows that have millions of followers?

Not so much a question as I would just like a little more clarification on the idea of sports programming being "hybrid"

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