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It's been brought to my attention how challenge has changed in the last couple decades. Diversity is thriving, and its as though nearly every television show is making an effort to include many walks of life in their program. After watching the latest episode of Grey's Anatomy with my roommate, we discussed the some of the topics that were brought up in lecture as well as in our reading for this week. This show has a multitude of characters (doctors) with different life stories, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. Every week the audience is introduced to characters at the hospital who also are very different in terms of sexual identity, race, religion, etc. I think its imperative that television shows continue to include a range of characters who vary in skin color, background, culture and elaborate on these differences. There is no way every race or religion can be shown on tv shows, but making an effort to include a variety makes the show somewhat realistic.


I agree that there is no way that every religion or race can be shown on TV just because there isn't enough time in a day to do it. However, the media could do a better job of accurately portraying these people when given the chance. Great post!

I also agree that there is no way of covering every race and religion on tv shows. I do like that over the last decade or so, tv shows have been more diverse in sexual identity, race, religion, etc. It seems that our society is more acceptable of the changing times. It also helps put the word out and educate people about certain groups of people. I agree with pete8035 about how the media could do a better job of portraying certain group of people instead of just generalizing them or making assumptions.

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