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From Monday there was some obvious tension when talking about the rape case in Steubenville that was said to be "just rape" in relation to Columbine. I totally am not bringing that up in order to re-open what was already apologized for and explain as misspoken, but am bringing it up because I think it emulates exactly what is happening to women in society today. There has beeb such a decline in the rights for the women (because media portrays us as equal) that we have to fight for power by being sexual, and because of this our sexuality in dress has increased. This has been caused by the media- women would be perfectly happy getting far in life based off of skill and not appearance. It has driven the ideas of a culture to assume beautiful in certain ways which led the rape victim to dress in what i would consider o be fine clothing. Instead of realizing it ma of been the innate part of the boys to commit violent acts it focused on the fault of the girl.

I went into todays discussion thinking that the media today portrays the Gay community in a different way then it had in the 90's with Will and Grace and "Frazier" but after talking about it in class even Glee and Rupal's Drag Race contribute to the same political message that we accept it and its fine if thats your lifestyle- while keeping it at a distance and being able to show that is not the lifestyle of the Slumpy class (white, trendy) but its still hip to accept it. All while not addressing any sort of actual problem in the community and glorifying it instead (which is fine but doesn't change the social structure).


I agree with how you said that women's rights as well as gay rights really have been put on the back burner. It seems as if since women and people in the LGBT community appear in the media or on our favorite television shows, the struggles for equality are problems of the past, which is definitely not the case. I feel if the media wouldn't portray women's or LGBT rights as being things of the past, people would take the idea that there is still a lot of room for improvement more seriously.

In your last paragraph you reflect on the portrayal of homosexuality in television and mention a problem in the community that is glorified. What problem do you think needs to be addressed? How would you change the social structure? I think there has been a great movement towards showing bits and pieces of diversity on television in sexual orientation, ethnicities, cultures, etc. I'm curious what point you think is enough and equal to portray women's and LGBT rights on tv.

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