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This week we talked a lot about culture and the creation of what "home" is to different people. Although I didn't really connect at all to the Grewal piece i found that I at least somewhat grasped what Morley was talking about with the concept of Hiamat and how that can crete exclusion for a lot of people. Although confusing at first the group work project idd help me a little in figuring this out. This was especially true after we talked about Christmas during the holiday seasons and how that exclusion a large amount of people who don't celebrate the holiday, and are not Christian, and therefore have a feeling of exclusion in the society and don't resonate with that home feeling. I also began thinking of everyday examples and found that 24 hour news stations like Fox9 news very rarely has coverage of what is happening in other countries and keeps it relatively local, or at least within the US. This is a shame because minneapolis has such diversity and yet unless you were white and middle class I think it would be hard to have a feeling that you belonged when watching this. Overall, I think this week was the most confusing and I think there is a lot to be done in order for our society to become more enclsive so they can feel the a part of the home as well.


I agree that this week was pretty confusing. I also had troubles just understanding the general concept of hiamat and homeness. I think the Christmas example is perfect to help understand the idea as a whole. Our culture excludes many different groups of people, but in this example those who don't celebrate Christmas are excluded. However, the Christmas season makes us all feel very nostalgic and reminiscent of our lives in the past or our families back home.

I definitely agree with this past weeks material being the most confusing yet. I did in the end begin to grasp the concept of homeness and exclusion once we talked it over in class, but it still took a while. I feel like the news coverage was a great example as a way for people to feel a sense of homeness and exclusion. The shopping mall with Christmas themed decorations was another good example. Great post!

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