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Our first reading for this week "Traveling Barbie" was kind of interesting but a little too long. If anything, it made me think about the importance of cultural representation in products like dolls. Girls in Asian countries or African countries should not be given only one type of Barbie doll (white) to play with. If Barbie dolls are to be marketed in other countries, they should reflect the culture they are being sold in.

The second reading "At Home with Television" was really good. The concept of essentialism is a key part of Morley's essay. In order to define what belongs, you have to define what does not belong. His use of the shipping forecast was a good way of explaining the way some people feel about immigrants entering their country. Some people may feel like immigrants will change their homeland and Morley seems to be saying that the shipping forecast is a way that people can be reassured about the "dangerous peripheral world" by its ability to connect "the national public into the private lives of its citizens through the creation of both sacred and quotidian moments of national communion." I took this to mean that in the midst of native Britons worrying about their country and their culture being "threatened" by immigrants, the shipping forecast is a way that they can feel more secure in the stability of their nationality. His point about the representation of non-whites on British soap operas stood out to me. He mentions the show Eastenders. I have watched this show before and was really surprised by its diverse racial representation. The show does take place in East London, which is an especially racially diverse area, but it should still be commended for its realistic portrayal of the new racial representation in England, especially since other shows there seem to be reluctant to acknowledge England's diversity.

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I enjoyed your reflection on Wednesday's readings, and how it is key for us to understand the impact essentialism has on the media. I think it is interesting that the Britians find so much threat from "outsiders" in their country. Een though I have never been there, I know they are deeply rooted in their culture, and have not quite assimilated and accepted others from different backgrounds to be a part of theirs. This can leave immigrants ro visitors in exile, and unable to find to connection of homeness in a different country.

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