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This weeks discussion dealt with news, media, newspaper an sports television. Johnson's article about sports and the impact on television using live time as well as other forms of media. You do not just have to watch a football game on TV anymore. You are able to check scores and see games right from you handheld devices if you need too. Also with TiVo you no longer have to sit and wait through commercials you can start watching the game a little later then when it started and fast forward through all the commercials. We also discussed two articles about new paper media and the changes that has happened with social media and internet sites making newspapers almost unnecessary. More often than not if you want to find out what is going on in the world open up your face book page and your likely to find out about a major even like the Boston bombing that happened just a few weeks ago. Personally I found out about the incident through social media and was finding out that a lot of things I saw were untrue or false reports. Shortly after I found out about the bombings I started seeing conspiracy theories surrounding the event, it hadn't even been more than a few hours and there were already conspiracies. I think newspapers helps eliminate some of the possible mistakes and false stories because its a slower news process. The reporters gather ALL the facts and then print the story versus having minute by minute updates of what may or may not have happened. You also won't find a major news paper reporting a story on the conspiracy theory of the government being behind a catastrophic event.

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I find it really interesting how with people having more control on what they watch. With them passing up more and more commercials, it gets the producers of said commercials try to think of more creative ways to get those messages to the consumers. I also agree with the ideas you had on conspiracy theories and the public generating those stories. Good thoughts from this week!

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