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This week's class discussions made me think a lot about the ever changing upgrades in the realm of how media is distributed. Monday's article made me take a look at how sports news has shifted in a sense of how news is delivered to the followers of sports. While I personally don't follow sports at all, it was interesting to read how the with the inception of large networks that show important sporting games, the viewers as well as the producers of such games quickly became more in the loop of sports. It was also interesting to read how the technology changes quickly changed the face of sports. 50 years ago it would be hard to imagine the changes in the way sports media has shaped up today. From today's articles, Johnson interesting thoughts on the ways media travels through many branches in order to get to the majority of people. I found his piece to be interesting because of the whole idea of the 'ecosystem' he talked about a lot. This idea had me think about all of the news stories that are published and the influx of stories that are generated from that main news story. Both of those stories as well as Starr's article all made me think about the shift of how news will be consumed in the future. The life of print newspaper could possibly be dying for good but the information to be gained by smaller sources is on the rise.

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