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This weeks discussions have specifically focused on how important the distribution of news is in our society. I feel like these ideas have been ignored in our past discussions, and that this topic holds relevance in how we view information. First, the way the information is distributed is important because we have never been in control of how we get the nations top stories. Major news sources like the New York Times, The Chicago Sun Times, Washington post, have a reputation for always being reliable. However, with new technological advances, there are constantly new ways of serving information in vehicles which appears reliable. Sources like the Huffington post is a common one that people use which has been noted to be reliable, yet sometimes delivers false sources or inconsistent information. i think that the future has some really interesting advances in store for us. we spoke about the fear which comes along with the advance of new technologies. The main fear being that valid and reliable information with be thrown out the window with the increasing amount of bloggers, vloggers, and more small scale industries which are growing more like Hulu, and Google. Google in specific are growing at such an increasing pace that people worry about what our news will look like in the future. Google is in the process of making glasses that will relay information, videos, pictures, text messages, and Facebook prompts into the lens of your glasses. With this technology, how can we even get away from all the surrounds us? My main concern in that we are constantly surrounded with so much information, updates, prompts, text messages. How do we even go about our lives without being influenced by everything else- Such as things that don't even pertain to us. i think that virtual messages are so ubiquitous that we're just running our lives based on other peoples input and ideas.

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