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I found Wednesday's discussion about the future of news, specifically newspapers to be quite interesting. While this is a concept that has been covered in a lot of my Comm classes throughout college it's one that I always find interesting because I find myself torn between seeing technology and the internet as a force for good with journalism, but at the same time I find myself taken aback by it as well. While I like the idea that the internet allows for more niche targeting in journalism, I also feel like it would be better if news wasn't the specialized market that it has become. I have so much trouble watching and reading news in the first hours of breaking stories, because I feel like it is all the same and chances are that half of what is said will be retracted within hours anyways. I like the idea that was brought up in class about how because newspaper's aren't on a twenty-four hour news cycle that it gives more opportunities for better and more accurate reporting.


I also feel torn between everything going virtually. I think that it has caused there to be a lot of watered down journalism and incomplete news coverage. You brought up 24 hour news coverage like we did in class, but instead of that helping I would almost argue that it has given us less accurate and fast reporting. I would almost prefer not having minute to minute updates and then get the entire story later. What I like about the transition is that it becomes way more convenient for everyone to access. I don't see the big deal with getting rid of newspapers if we can truly transition that day to day "accurate" reporting to the online technologies as well. But if were keeping them just because of the history I don't see the point in keeping them around.

I totally agree with you when you say that you are torn between internet news and waiting for the paper the next day. On one hand, it's faster to get information instantly on the web, but on the other hand, the information is more accurate the next day in the paper. We have obviously seen blunders in the paper (ie. the Dewey/Truman race), but in the end it tends to be more accurate. I am curious as to what will happen to the paper in the future. The business is going down every year, and with more and more "green" advocates, the paper may die sooner than we think.

I definitely agree with the feeling of being torn between Internet news or the paper. However, as we've learned, the immediate online news isn't always the most accurate to say the least. Both forms have their pros and cons for sure. Great post!

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