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I am not the type of person who is into sports so learning about sports media and television has opened my perspective to how significant sports media play a key role to our society. Sports, such as football, like in the movie The Blind Side, represents a sport that is a part of the American Dream because it tells the life narrative of a boy who is "rescued" from a life of poverty and abandonment who finds a new family who just so happens to be white, upper-classed, and loving. Some examples of the American Dream in the movie are the acceptance to different universities, his ability to overcome bullying at school and in his neighborhood, and his improvement in school through tutoring. This movie won its award through investing in popular media, which only comes to show how important sports are in our culture. Not only that, sports media is nationwide social event where we gather around the table to watch and discuss. It has become almost natural that sports is one of the main topics many people talk about. Sports has becomes a widely known participation event where we can watch live sports, watch through cable t.v, radio, and the internet; sports has become the most dominate media in our system. One of closing questions during Monday's leading discussion asks "Where could sport media go from here?" and it's something I've been curious about this as well. Will sports remain as popular as it is today? Since we are able to access any type of media we basically want to, also relating this to Johnson's and Starr's article, how does this affect the our experience to accessing information we want?

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