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I have always wonder why sports play such a big role in media. almost everything is surrounded by sports. I noticed that sport is symbolic for many people in this country and maybe that's why it is such an ideal way to sell to consumers. I feel that it also a sense of pride and doesn't bother anyone such as religion or politics. I think that with the advancing technology now a days it will change how people get their news. How people get news now a days with print news will definitely be reduce or eliminated in the near future because if the demand is not there anymore there is no need. The reliability of the news will effect the way that some people get the news because for those that are not able to have the technology they will depend on word of mouth. I use to read the newspaper a lot but since I bought a smart phone and pay for the Internet service I read it off my phone instead. I have to chose what sources I go to and read for the most accurate news but that doesn't bother me because its most convenient.

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It relation to your discussion on newspapers, I also agree that we read/interact with media in the ways that are most convenient for us. With technology becoming more of a presence in our lives, it is a lot easier and convenient to just get our news from twitter, facebook, or online articles. I think news can move though our world at exponentially fast rates with these media texts. We used to have to wait for the morning paper to hear news stories, but technology allows these events to be communicated almost instantly.

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