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For this final week of readings, I enjoyed talking about sports broadcasting and the future of newspapers. When I watch sports on television and listen to them on the radio, I never really thought about how their broadcast made an impact to media sources and advertisers. It makes sense that sports bring in some of the highest revenues in the media, as they are a place in which people from all walks of life can share common ground. One thing I thought of after class is how sports bring that "homeness" feel to individuals. In Minnesota, I can turn on the TV on a Sunday afternoon in October and automatically know a Vikings game will be playing. This makes Minnesotans feel at home and a sense of security. However, what about individuals, such as myself, who cheer for different teams? What effect does this have on us? I think the evolution of online streaming of sports, cable sports packages, and sports bars help these viewers feel "at home." With new technology, we are now able to cheer on our favorite teams even when they are in different states and in some cases different countries. Media has brought that feeling of belonging to people, no matter the location they are in. As for newspapers, the evolution of this print text is continually changing. I think there will always be a rise in online videos, articles, etc. to get the news out; however, I can never see print newspapers as becoming extinct. I think they have so much history and there are enough people in society who enjoy reading them. It will be interesting to see what new additions or subtractions they might have, and how readily available they will become. Overall, this week's readings focused on two important topics for discussion and have overall been evolved and shaped in recent years by their impact with technological advancements.

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Great post! I think overall our news feed has changed significantly over the years with our new technological advances to the internet. Newspapers has definitely made an impact on our media because it had the ability to document an important event. Internet news on the other hand, doesn't. So it's easier to forget what has happened. Although personally, I get my everyday news from the internet, it is most convenient for me to find out about different types of news I am interested in. Also because it's free. It makes me sound like i'm contradicting myself but I get where Starr makes the argument about the value of newspapers.

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