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I liked this week especially becasue I thought it was easy for all of us to relate to it. On Monday we were talking about sportscasting and how that creates more and more bias because they dont show women's sports on TV. Well I understand that is becasue they dont bring int he viewers, but i think that is because media has set us up our entire lives to belive that male sports are what are intersting to watch and thats why we all enjoy them so much. I think its sad for female athletes who want to go profesionally but there isnt enough emand to keep these sports a float (unless its the olympics, or beach volleyball). It just reinforces that men are the dominate ones in our society and that they are the ones we should be focused on.

On wednesday we talked about the future of media especially in relation to news reporting and whether or not it is good or bad. I personally think that I can better side with Johnsons more accepting and positivety about the transition to cyber news and technologys. I think we live in an age where smartphones, ipads and computers are such a big part of our everyday lives that it makes sense to move news reporting to those sources, so that it is more convienent for us. However, I can see Starr's arguements as well in that becasue we are so fascinated by these new technologies I dont want the news to become more and more watered down to the point where we no longer get good undercover news and reporting. Its a double-edged sword in a way becasue we want out news to be more and more accesablie, but as it does there are more oppotunites for these "citizen puiblishing" opportunites that make it harder to decide waht is real, and what is done by some random blogger. Overall, with this leap to online news reporting I think we all just need to become more aware readers and not take anything on the internet at face value.

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