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I'm making a generalized connection between Victoria E. Johnson's idea of "post-network-era" with Paul Starr's demonstration of the newspaper industry fading. Being that technology has advanced so much in the last few decades that the general public is able to look up news stories online, gaining immediate information from multiple platforms. This is problematic for traditionally printed newspapers because they too receive information about breaking news, but report it a day or so after the real time updates. With that said, the real time news stories that are available to the public through means of alternative connections have a higher probability of being reported inaccurately. For example, during the Boston bombing manhunt, several news corporations were giving updates to the public that were wrong and later had to retract their original statements as the story developed. This is troublesome because the public is receiving the incorrect information and engaging in "water-cooler talk," therefore spreading the false information they heard/read through social media networks or online news sources.
An advantage to reading traditional newspapers is the extra time that is elapsed, creates opportunities for journalists to locate correct information and report more accurate details to the public. I think this is important for the public to realize so that they too share information at the office that has been fact checked like traditional newspapers. The instant updates are great, but create problems that may be wrong which was proved during the Boston bombing manhunt. News stations released pixely pictures of the possible bombers which led to people making assumptions that innocent people who looked similar to the unclear image were the wanted men.
The traditional newspaper may fade out and become digital, but this does not excuse journalists from reporting the wrong information. The news is a public good after all, and should be reported with as much accurate, and correct detail as possible.

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I like your connections being made between Johnson's and Starr's ideas. I agree with you 100% and too do not think that the public should receive false information from any source. I don't think this needs to be done at all just for the urgency of getting out a story that the people can see. There is a cost that comes with this and that is not knowing all the facts and information. With the lack of facts and information the public is getting a story with half the amount of details and perhaps false information on something that could be avoided if they were to publish the story at a later time. Not a month later but a matter of days or at most a week. In my opinion, I think that there is so much of this because there are 24 hour news channel's now where they are starving for information.

For my example, and I strongly recommend you check this out for yourself on youtube, is the K-Strass the Yo-Yo Guy. Kenny Strasser or "K-Strass" called into television networks and asked if he could be on their show to help promote his new business. He told him that he was the first eco-friendly yo-yo professional and whose skills won him several yo-yo tournaments. He also told them about the company he worked for Zim Zam (which is a fake company) and how they wanted him to go into local school and teach kids about the environment through the use of his yo-yo skills. When K-Strass would go unto these talk shows he would rarely talk about the environment and when he would give advice like, "I challenge your viewers to not flush when they pee" or "Replace traditional lights bulbs, with non-traditional ones." When he wasn't talking about these ridiculous things to save the environment he would ramble on about how yo-yo's saved him from the devil of drugs and alcohol and how he doesn't get along with anyone in his family. With all of this being said, 7 news stations total had him on the air because they literally had nothing better to report then this. K-Strass is a made up name with a made up company performing yo-yo tricks that he can't come close to doing and hitting himself in the face and the groin in the process and ranting about the problems with his family, alcohol and how the school's aren't calling him anymore to have him come in and perform his routine for them. He never ended up going to any schools and from what I know of his family is fine and he is not an alcoholic it is still ridiculous to think that News Stations are starving so much for attention that they need to bring on K-Strass.

I am glad they did bring him on though because all of the clips are hysterical. The TV shows that have him on don't know anything of what he is going to do beforehand and stare blankly at the camera dumbfounded when he pulls these stunts. Meanwhile K-Strass had this all scripted beforehand and knew what he was doing but just wanted to troll TV stations to see whether or not he could do it. Not only did he do it but the success of these clips helped him land a job on the office as the character Nate, Dwight's worker.

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