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With the internet now so available for us and at our finger tips, is this issue really going to cause a problem in the literature world? I feel that with the internet being so available it has somewhat helped the literature world.  He states that it is hard to argue "That the last ten years have seen a decrease in availability or comprehension of material on scientific or technical subjects, for example." 

In "Is Google making us Stupid" the focus is more on the cultural changes rather then the direct effect on the amount of people ready to kneel down to the thought of only reading.  The internet and technology has not stopped people from reading. I personally do not like to read, I never have even as a child I did not like to read.  But now with the the new ways for me to read literature I have learned so much more. I like to read article online, and I even purchased a kindle and in the past the most books I would read in a month was 0-1 now has jumped to 5 books a month. I can read online and I can be anyplace while I read.

Is there an abundance of information on the internet? Yes.  Is all of the information true? No.  I think that that is the problem we should focus on.  Not that there is so much out there that we can access, but what can we do to help make this information helpful, true and teach us.  The most read information we have is the "News" many people go online to read about the lives of other people.  We do not go on to go read articles about what is happening in science or who won a special award for their work unless is is a grammy award of a VMA. 

The question is the internet going to make us less intellectual? I do not believe so, but it does have the possible chance of doing so, if we do not try to make it a place for more then social networking, and to "stalk" the celebrities. We can use the internet as a tool but also as weapon. We need to be aware of the problems that can come from the abbundance of information, and remember that when we go to use the internet. I feel that is all we can do to help socitey from becoming "stupid" because of the internet.

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