Analyzing Advertisements

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I think the most interesting thing we did in class this week was apply the reading to the ads we saw. It is always helpful to apply something after you learn it. Understanding why, to whom, how, and all the other questions help reinforce the fact that we should ask these things about ads, articles, and anything else that may be used to persuade.

The one problem I have with analyzing something is that everyone has his or her own opinions. When I try to analyze an ad, the way I perceive it may be completely wrong and yet completely true at the same time. For example, the Tide ad we watched in class, it might not have been marketing to women who stay at home. It might have been an ad for dads or other men who watch daytime television. If he did have to go out and buy it, even if he wasn't going to use it, this commercial may have persuaded him to buy it. If he sees it as better to be seen buying it than something else his wife uses, he is more likely to buy it, just in case he is seen buying it.

That's one problem with analyzing commercials. It is so subjective, and nothing is really wrong if you can find evidence or find a reason for it to be ok.

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I totally agree with your points. Analyzing the advertisements are difficult to come up with one answer. Everybody has different background and different value, and these cultural aspect will affect how each person perceive the message in the media.

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