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As we sat in class and watched Consuming Kids I could feel my stomach getting upset. At first I thought, "oh gosh I'm so hungry." However as the feeling presented itself to be nausea, I realized that the film was doing an amazing job of instilling fear of TV, toys, cereal...everything..in me for my daughter (who is only 8 months old). When a commercial for a new toy came on TV, I used to always joke "Oh man, Madeline's going to want that junk when she gets older" but the film proved to me that it is no joking matter. I was in shock to realize the amount of research that goes into marketing for children i.e following kids into the bathroom to observe how they interact with soap. That grossed me out, but then I guess it really was the parents who allowed the researcher to do so. Anyway, one think I did like about the film was that it made light of the adult undertones of the toys and advertisements. well done advertisers and film.

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I absolutely agree. I was a weird mix of shocked and surprised after watching the video. It took me a little bit of time as well to bring things back to reality and remember that we weren't helpless. We played a role in allowing media to get to where it has gotten. Your comment about the kids being watched in the bathroom also strongly resonated with me. This was quite upsetting and I couldn't help but think of my nephew and two nieces. That being said, blame should be put on the parents that allowed their children to be a part of this. We have to take the responsibility as consumers to frown upon these practices.

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