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There is no escaping social media these days. It's all over the internet, TV, movies, and other media sources. What began as a small phenomenon has grown into an inescapable trend among businesses and people, young and old. Social media is playing a big part in our day to day lives, and its goal is to help us connect better with a companies, friends, and family to name a few. Social media, while its intentions are good, can also be looked at negatively. Our relationships, jobs and emotional well being are all affected by social media. Taking a closer look at social media is important in understanding whether it is encouraging or damaging to companies and us. Facebook is a huge social media site and is a medium that keeps you engaged with your friends lives. It keeps you informed on what your friends are doing, seeing, listening to, and seems to have replaced emailing. It is a great way to keep in contact and continue relationships with people that you may not get to see on a day to day basis or that lives in a different city, state, or even country. The positive feelings that are associated with Facebook are social capital. Research shows the more social capital you have the better you feel. Being able to communicate with your friends is important in building your relationships with them and social media provides an easier way to do just that. Critics say that social media takes away from that in-person contact that is needed to maintain a friendships and relationships. Friendships and relationships are important to people and social media is playing a huge part in keeping those connections. Social media is also being used as a way for businesses to recruit for jobs. LinkedIn, facebook, twitter, and YouTube are all sites that have are being used to land jobs. Online Resumes are taking over the paper resumes, business cards are becoming outdated, and the job section in the classifieds is becoming smaller. Through social media people are creating their own personal brand to market themselves to companies. It's critical to keep your social media sites clean, as employers are checking them to get a better sense of who you are. It can become a negative situation when employers find indecent pictures, or bad language used on these social sites. Your online social media presence is important when it comes to jobs, as it can either help you or in some cases end up hurting you. Current research indicates that tweeting, status updating and other social networking activities might be good for our psychological well-being, physical health and in-person relationships. The important thing is to control how much you use it and not let it control you. As social media becomes bigger and bigger, looking at whether it causes more harm than good becomes a question. Social media plays a huge role in a lot of different aspects of our lives. Looking at careers, emotional well being, and relationships allows us to see the positive and negatives of how social media affects these aspects.

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