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I found this weeks classes to be very interesting. I enjoyed picking apart the commercials we saw in class because I usually just do that at home watching TV anyway. When I first watched the commercials it was very clear to me who they were advertising to and how they were doing it. However, after hearing everyone else break apart the commercial a lot of new underlying messages came up. It was interesting to see how we viewed the commercials differently. We all had the same general idea but we mostly I thought the Oreo/Dr. Pepper discussion was the most thought-provoking part of the week. It was nice to have both sexes breaking down each other in a civiled manor. I thought the Intro to Media Literacy was exemplified some way in every commercial. One that comes to mind is #3 Media use "the language of persuasion." The Dr. Pepper commercial used repetition of manly things and also humor.

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