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After watching 'Consuming Kids', I was surprised that how people abuse kids' mind to their profits. Children do not have judgement whether its good or bad, they tend to believe anything if it says 'good'. Therefore marketers often use these children's pure mind to enhance them to purchase products or ask their parents to buy for them. The products can be something with children's favorite cartoon characters, or can be something they desire to posses. Marketing to kids could cause serious problem. It is because it could make children to stick into materialistic values the most rather than other values. If a person regards materialistic values high when they were child, it would impact on the person forming his/her life values. Once the values formed, it is hard to be changed, especially when they were kids. For example, I heard that who have materialistic value high, there is more chance to be impulsive buyer, or would have personality problem, could not socialize with others well. Moreover, it could lead kids to have poor creative thinker...they would think the products, which their favorite characters on it, or the products that their favorite characters suggested on the TV. Those kinds of things could impact on their creativity because they tend to not think other options.... So I think marketers who are targeting kids to earn their profits, they should stop or find other ways rather than abusing kids' pure mind.

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