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With reading the articles about how commercials have become a major part of childrens shows, it came to my attention that the commercials are not the only problem with childrens shows. Like in Jackson's article the focus is on product placement in childrens shows, and how shows are being based off of childrens toys. The producers say that they feel that children deserve more shows, with adults having many tv channels to watch, they just want to give children more. A part of childrens programs that bothers me is the content of the shows. The shows for children have content aimed toward adults. Hidden messages, jokes that no child would ever understand. In the movie we watched in class they talked about the tween. I feel that with the development of the tween has gotten rid of "childhood". With the development of the tween television they have gotten rid of shows for younger children. One of the women in the show said that television is stealing these childrens child hood, and I agree. Television has a major impact on children and the television shows now are not good for children. More people need to be made aware of this information, so that maybe we can help fix this problem and give children and actual childhood.

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