Consuming Kids

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Whenever I view a documentary or a piece of media in any of my classes, I like to spend several minutes seeing the different approaches that may be taken to what is presented. Any angle is intriguing and poses great arguments and thought-provoking questions. Taking this documentary at face value, it is a shame that our youth are no longer thought of as people, but as targets for which corporate America attempts to take money from. My initial thought when this was shown was "Most of these people running these advertisements have children. What happened to America's values?" It's almost shameful to look at those children in the video and see how their minds have been almost victims of entrapment; it seems as though they have willfully walked into the palms of big business. As far as the legislation whose passing was attempted, I had never heard of such news, but found it extremely interesteing. As someone who is a Communication Studies major, I think this is intriguing. For one, I find it kind of sad that our these innocent minds are thought of in such a objectified manner. However, I believe that we knowingly reside in a country that is the capital of capitalism. We are given the opportunity to make money in any way that abides by the laws. At the same time, we can't assume that everyone is going to make business decisions based on sound, moral judgement. It is our jobs as consumers, as well as the job of the parents, to make sure that what we view and buy into runs parallel to our beliefs.

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