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I found this documentary to be very interesting, many good points were raised and good examples were used to demonstrate them. One thing that i did not know about was that people had actually tried to stop advertising to children below 8. I think that this really makes sense because it is a fair point that children of that age cannot really decipher what they should really want and it creates a very slippery slope to getting lifelong customers from childhood. One of the major problems with this is that that is exactly what advertisers want and they do everything possible, as the documentary examined, to give children advertisements they cannot ignore. I found the section about studying and researching children very creepy especial with the research for shower products by watching kids in the shower. That being said i think the comparison of advertisers to pedophiles was a little extreme however it did not stop that research from being very uncomfortable. Going back to the research i thought that the extremes that advertisers go to was somewhat shocking. One thing that i thought was crazy was the blink test where advertisers would show ads to kids and record exactly when and how often they would blink or lose attention and they would then modify the commercial at that point.
One other part of the documentary that i found to be very interesting and very true was the section examining what kids what to grow up to be. Now a days it seems that when you ask people what they want to do they say be rich or be famous it doesnt even matter how. That really speaks to our materialistic culture i think because it doesnt matter what job you have as long as you can buy the objects that you want. Overall i thought that this was a good thing to watch and that it provided an interesting and different point of view.

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