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The movie that we watched in class today presented a disturbing image about how kids are targeted with marketing. It really made me reflect on what did I like when I was a child? Why did I like that? I remember being little and wanting a toy so badly because of an awesome commercial I had seen for it on Nickolodean. I also had a little mermaid bedroom. So I guess I was a sucker for their marketing schemes. I would also go as far to say that the Disney company has a customer for life in me. As an adult I have been to Disney world 4 times and I think that I have seen every Disney movie that has come out in theaters and purchased them. However is everything a marketing scheme? Can't they make a movie because they think its a good story? The most recent disney movie called Brave is a good story that has a positive message for kids and it has quality animation. If we say that everything thing is just a marketing scheme then I think we aren't looking at all at the appreciation of art that has to be involved. I know that it I am biased because I love all the cartoon movies and I am probably the person that they are talking about in the consuming kids movie. When I think of Ariel or toy story I think of positive happy things so I have bought in to what they were trying to do but what is so wrong with that. I think that parents need to take responsibilty of what their kids are watching and doing. If your child is asking for ipods and violent video games at a young age they didn't cook that idea to ask for that all by themselves. Parents are the most in control of ultimiatley what their child owns. If you buy your daughter the blinged out slutty dressed barbies then you shouldn't be suprised when she wants to wear midrif tops at the age of 7. Adults directly involved with children have the responsibilty to explain whats appropriate and what they should and shouldn't own and why.

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I think it is very interesting how you intertwine and reflect on your own experiences though your post. It made me think about my past with advertising and why do i want the things i want now? How much of an influence did advertisements have on me as a child? I remember all the commercials during saturday morning cartoons back in the day they were all for really cool toys but certain things like nerf guns would always stand out and that would be the thing i would want to get. I dont buy nerf guns anymore but maybe someday i will by them for my nieces, nephews, or kids therefore making me pretty much a lifelong customer. I also agree with you that parents need to regulate what their kids watch and do but at the same time there are so many advertisements in so many places in todays world. it can be really hard to keep kids away from that, especially with the rise of smart phones and facebook which keep people linked in to ads at almost every waking hour of the day.

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