Consuming Kids...and values

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After watching yesterday's documentary, "Consuming Kids," I have really started to take note that advertising to young children really occurs like how a cult operates. These advertisers are manipulating the "little sponges" inside of these kids' brains and are subjecting them to a fantasy lifestyle--the big "I want this!" phase. I found it very interesting how these media analysts and shrinks discussed the nag factor. They used a perfect example too, a clip from the Simpsons, relentless asking to be taken to a water park. I don't know what would be worse for a parent to experience--the nag factor or when your child tells you no to everything. I'm pretty sure I went through both phases when I was younger, and looking back I sure do give my folks a lot of credit. Advertisers, it seems, almost fuel a war between the kids at home watching tv and their parents--the consumers. At one point during the film, I turned over to Kassie and asked her, how do advertisers market to poor children and poor families? That is--those who are poor but can still afford to have cable? My point of all of this is that I don't think advertisers realize that they are compromising familial values with a materialistic overdrive. I just remember McChesney talking about how advertisers appeal subliminally to certain audiences and those viewers really are not aware that they are under the control of these companies. They are jamming these kids brains with tangible, material messages that in turn leave them to forget what really matters in life, having your family and being happy and satisfied with things you need, not what you want all the time. I just couldn't believe some of these ads, and what really got to me was the Bratz commercial that was aimed at like 4-year-old little girls. Exploiting these trashy dolls to such an innocent and naïve environment was unpleasant and again another example of how respectable values are weakened.

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I agree. My blog was something along these lines as well. On one hand, it's a shame how our economy is run by big corporations that are on the constant hunt for a new way to get a dollar out of anyone--especially the youth. Yet, we live in the United States, the capital of capitalism. There is always going to be the guy who takes advantage of the system.

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