Google and our stupidity

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I thought that reading the two perspectives presented in the Carr and Shirky articles was very interesting. After reading the two articles I started to think about my own study and reading habits and how they have changed.
Carr brought up the idea in his article that people think differently now as a result of how we get our information so quickly from the internet. I think that I would have to agree with him. As I have grown up and learned to use the internet more for my studies the way that I think of researching has changed. In high school they speant a whole class teaching us how to use the library to research something and find the perfect book. Now that seems like a waste. I am a Junior and not once in my college career have I used a library with actual books as a part of my research routine. I think that now that class that I had in high school has probably evolved into a internet research class. Now when I need to find information I search for it on my favorite search engines like Google or If I can't find exactly what I am looking for easily on those two search engines I do get a little irritated that its taking me more time than I would want it to. Thats completley different than taking time to find things in individual books.

I don't agree with Carr that it makes people not want to read books at all any more. Carr mentioned in his article that he can't read "War and Peace" anymore. I rely on the internet for researching but it will never replace reading a good book and holding that actual book in my hand. I sit at a computer 40 hours a week for work so when I get home I would rather get in bed with a good book than sit on the internet.

Both Carr and Shirky spoke to the historical changes in media like when Socrates frowned apon books being produced for public use because it would take away from people that just naturally had the knowledge and later how the printing press spawned mass produced literature that some didn't feel was as high of quality. I agree with Shirky that no matter what other low culture media it produces in the short run it doesn't compare to the huge benefits of providing more people with knowledge that they wouldn't have had access to before. The more informed and educated people are the more innovative and better off we will be as a human race.

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I agree that with the technology we have today going and scouring books is a waste of time. Like you said we can just go search Google for anything we need. Even if we want a book, they are all computerized and you can look up chapters based on Keywords in the University Library website. But you’re right, that doesn’t make us stupid, we just have a new way of thinking.

One thing that I kind of actually agree with Carr is that people (as a whole, not individuals) don’t enjoy reading like they used to. A lot of my friends have told me that they would rather not read a book. When you have all of these entertainment options that don’t require you to go to the library, people will probably choose the entertainment that is more easily accessible. That’s my thought on the book reading.

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