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Reflecting back on the video watched in class Wednesday, Consuming Kids, I am still blown away at the twisted manipulation that goes on behind the scenes to make kids one of our largest consumers. After watching the video I am thinking that I never want to have kids. Kind of kidding, but in all seriousness I don't see the progression of the aggressiveness of the media companies slowing down any time soon and it does scare me the thought of where we will be in the next 5, 10, or 15 years. After reading the McChesney piece I thought more about product placement and how slyly they use it. Companies are so brilliant with where they are putting their products, in perfect sight for the buyers. In relationship to the video we watched in class, businesses are placing their product everywhere and even making products "kid friendly" that originally aren't for children. It is a very twisted but brilliant way of selling products. I suppose my biggest question is really " how does this affect me?" I know we briefly discussed this in class but I'm not sure as though I fully do understand. I was a culprit of getting sucked into the marketing schemes, as a child, but I don't feel as though it had a negative effect. Maybe it's because I am still under the marketers "spell." Another thought I had during the film that I discussed with a friend is the idea that they say these commercials cause greater gaps between classes, but how do you even market to the poor? And what would the world then look like if there never were any of it at all?

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I totally understand your fear of having kids after watching that film. I have a kid and was terrified while watching it. I'm glad that you don't realize the negative effects of all of this advertising to kids because I am in the same boat. However when they were mentioning the adult undertones (the Bratz dolls and their clothing) I was able to understand what the fear is. Also I had to think about why I was so horrified with watching the film to maybe understand more of the negative effects all of this advertising could and does have on kids today. In another class that I'm taking I learned that in Britain their TV channels are publicly owned so their commercials are not as in your face as ours are in the States...maybe life here would be like life there if we didn't have crazy advertising? I should mention that I have no idea what life over there is like.

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