Intro to media literacy

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When I was reading this essay that introduced alot of the topics and terms that we will be reveiwing in this class I started thinking about why don't they teach you this sooner. Would our society be different if we were taught to comprehend things in a more complete way. Would young girls confidence boost if we taught them to really examine the media that is being thrown at them. I don't know what the actual big changes would be. I can't say that some other influence my sweep in and take the place of the media that we are taught to examine. I do think that our society would benefit from teaching these concepts at an earlier age. I am not going to ever be able to recite the civilizations that I had memorized from my high school history class again.Why couldnt we replace some of the classes that end up being like busy work in the end from high school and replace it with a subject like media literacy? I actually do love history and I know that it has a great value with the big picture of understanding the world and how we got where we are today. I think that there should be a required class that will help shape the mentality of the youth for the future. I don't know how to do that logistically but it seems like something that young people espeically would benefit from.

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