Introduction to Media Literacy

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I really like this piece of writing. Especially it was good that explain to concepts in detail. I can understand about media literacy through basic concepts, and I realized importance of media. I was also happy to aware to influence of media through intermediate and advanced concepts. The author said "These (Media literacy) are essential skills in today's world." I am totally agreed with his / her statement. Today, media contain many things such as political messages, ideological message, religious message and etc. Media is pretty similar with poem. When people read poem, people try to apprehend implicative and suggestive meaning in a word or sentence because a word in the poem does not mean the same sense of the word. Beyond that, readers guess the auteur's intention. Media is like poem. At first sight, it looks telling with easy and simple expressions. Some times it tell to use music or video. Media that looks like poem has difference. Media use more tools in order to convey message. Let's suppose someone use 10million dollar to persuade you. Can you decline to offer? You might think who else give me 10 million dollar for convincing? However this assumption is happening to our environment in terms of media. Filmmakers pay more than 100million dollar for making movie or series of dramas and they are making with best director, actors, writers, engineers, and instruments. In short, filmmaking is a composite art. In this condition, it's only fair that people who watch the film is deeply affected without a critical eye. Media is influential. Media like violent video game can change typical student to murderer. The example is in the textbook. By the way, scholars who study in psychology and sociology can proof the correlation between people and media by experiment, and people who study in communication should decode the media. We are not only decode media, but also play role in messenger. According to advanced concepts #23 "we can change our media system." Only few decades ago, media is produced by few companies, and broadcasting companies, but now time is changing. Most of all ages use media and they try to interact each other to use media. Era consists of ideology and philosophy. We should not just accept the message from power, but should share their ideas freely with critical attitude to move to better place for all mankind,. I am looking for a better world.

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I love that you compared media to a poem. It made it very relatable as a reader. I am lost a bit in your example with the lot of money. I may just be misreading. I like that you brought up Hall and the the audience plays a role as a producer as well. I found him very dense. I am also looking for a better world. are you thinking that with less media or better media this is probable.

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