Is Google Making us Stupid?

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I found both the original article "Is Google Making us Stupid" by Nicholas Carr and the response by Clay Shirky very interesting. I read Carr's article first and i agreed with many of the points that he made. I found that i agreed and had even experienced many of the things that he talked about myself. One of the main things i found i could relate to was not being able to concentrate well while reading, especially longer books or articles. Another thing that i found to be true to my own life is that the internet is a universal form of media, everything is on the web. Instead of having to go to the movie store to rent a movie or to the library to get a book you can just go online and do these things now. I think that one thing google definitely does is hurt people ability to retain information and actually learn it instead of looking it up, using it and forgetting it. This is because we know we can just look it up again in a matter of minutes or even seconds so there is no need to actually learn it. Going back to content in the article i thought it was very convincing when Carr used his own personal experience as well as the experience of his friends who are "literary types" who all seemed to experience somewhat that same thing. Personal experience from credible sources is a great way to create an effective argument to me. However as the article progressed i thought it got a little farfetched as it moved to our brains being connected to artificial intelligence and that the human brain is just an outdated computer. I also thought it was somewhat ironic that the article, even though it was originally in a magazine, is now posted online and im sure many people have skimmed through it instead of reading deeply through it just as Carr talks about in his article. Overall i thought that many interesting points were raised though and that there was a lot of content that could be taken from this article. If we have time it would be interesting to talk about this article in class and see what everyone else thinks about this article.

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