Is Google Making us Stupid?

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Is Google really making us stupid?
I thought that reading is written Carr is really interesting topic. Nowadays, there are a number of Google users in the world. Google has various influences on our life. After people who use Internet getting increase rapidly, many people worried about this happen, and Carr also looks uncomfortable about this happening. Google change the world. It changes college life, company life, and even my mom's life. My mom usually cooks after googling about the recipe, and student prefer sitting in front of computer for their paper. They don't want to go to library for the finding resources. Likewise, web surfing and googling is changing people's life style today. However they can find huge information, but cannot memorize during long period. This would be the point why Carr wrote this article. Marshall McLuhan said, "Media are not passive channels of information." Surfing information is looks like active, but it is passive. It intercepts people to change to think creativity then control our mind. We thought we can think freely, but we might not be escaped from Jet ski's wire unless don't scarfing in the net.
People can find only information that they want. It lead to some finders didn't care about the author's purpose, but only care about find sort of information for support their opinion. Reading book help us to increasing knowledge. While people are reading a book, they have better understanding about author and the era, but searching information is like auxiliary memory device. It was feared people might be standardized.

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I really liked how you mentioned about people has become standardized the way of using the Internet. And I agree that people less focus on the author or the purpose of the article when we read something. I also admit that my reading behavior has completely changed and I put more effort on how I search good sources quickly to supplement the actual reading. I feel like people are kind of trying to avoid this issue even though we know that this might not be a good sign. However, it is hard for us to behave the way we used to once we experience the simplicity of the use.

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