Is Google Making Us Stupid??

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Is google really making us stupid? This is what Nicholas Carr tries to unveil in his piece about the dramatic increase of internet use in our daily lives. The analogy he used in the beginning of the reading, sort of made me feel uneasy. tComparing ourselves to this deteriorating robot as the human disables his memory circuits, isn't the most comforting comparison. With the immediacy of information at our fingertips, the need or want to open a book has almost completely become extinct. I've noticed in my own personal experience the effects of this new technological craze. When long readings are assigned in any of classes, I do find it difficult to stay focused on what is right in front of me. Distractions are inevitable i.e. cellphone notifications, facebook, internet etc., and I find that my mind is wandering elsewhere. Our minds have been programmed to want that information instantly, and when we don't have that immediacy we begin to lose focus. So, is our future world doomed for failure? That I am not entirely sure. Throughout history, there have been many technology changes, which disrupt the previous style of communication. Back when there were no means of written communication, everything was passed orally. When written word was introduced, there were those people who believed our memories would suffer now that we could write everything down. This wasn't the case, and we've lived to tell the tale. We may just be on the edge of a dramatic change in our means of communication; to know if it will have a negative impact on our world, that remains to be seen.

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