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I really love this piece of article. It provides a very clear and thorough definition and contents of media literacy, and makes me easy to identify problemetic media pieces.

I love the specific one says, "Media literacy help children, youth and adults discover the part of the story that's not being told". It is obvious nowadays that every adult understand that media contents help certain interest group to generate profit. But by knowing this is not enough, it's also important to keep in mind that there are certain hidden points and claims under the surface of every media contents. The other aspect in this claim is that being media literate should not only be the task for adult, it's definitely not too early to give children an idea about hidden messages of every media pieces they see.

The other concepts that I love from this piece is that the "media messages reflect the values and viewpoints of media makers", and we should keep this in mind because those media makers are working for group of people who generate profit from people who "buy" the contents they created.

Media industry is a lucrative one because sell ad time, they sell ad time combines with shows, they sell ad time combines with celebrity powers, they sell ad time combines the idea of broadcast and narrowcast, which means the message they created can either reach everyone at one time or reach everyone in different times. It's obvious that they can only make money once we buy what the promoted. So it's very important for consumers to understand that we do have powers as well. We have the power to resist from the message they send out, we have the power to say no to the concept they promote if we are media literate enough to identify problematic ones.

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