McChesney and Consumerism

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After this week, I definitely have a different view on advertising, and it's not a good one. I think it is sick how big corporations are manipulating the minds of young children, for the advancements of their brands and revenue. While we were watching the documentary in class, I couldn't help but shake my head at the dramatic increase in advertisements, especially those directed at kids. I feel that these ads have a lot to do with the "tween" girls getting younger and younger. I think back to my own childhood, and how carefree and easy it was.... the first time I applied makeup was probably in late middle school, didn't really talk to boys until high school, and now I look at the kids growing up, with ipods, cell phones, and dressing inappropriately for their age...the list goes on. I actually feel bad for these kids, as I feel like they are being robbed of some of the best days of their lives. It just goes to show what people will do to make big bucks. Another issue I have with advertisers, is the manipulative use of perfect models, to make the consumer feel that they are inadequate, and that if they buy the product, they will become better people. Advertisers rely on this method to lure the customer in, another unethical practice. It is very unfortunate that this is what our marketing world has come to, and I only hope that the younger generations can see through the falsity presented to them, when they are older.

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I couldn't agree with you more! I wrote similarly when writing my blog as well. After watching the videos in class last week I felt disgusted and almost frightened to someday have children. I cant help but think were is this going to progress to in 10 or 15 years. Another thought is what kind of affect can we have on our children whether it be positive or negative. Can we guard them from the vicious marketing schemes?

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