McChesney and Hypercommercialism

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McChesney at one point in his article states, "Advertising is also indispensable for launching new products. The bottom line, so to speak, is that advertising is not an optional business expense." I feel that to some extent, this idea of advertising as completely necessary has morphed and less advertising is now needed in some cases. Consider the iPhone 5. Apple has been producing little information about the iPhone 5. The product has now become so popular that a small sample of people are simply hearing about the product and then spreading the word themselves. Word of mouth has become "word of Facebook" and consumers are becoming advertising methods themselves. Can you think of any other products that function in a similar matter?

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I heard Ferrari (really expensive car farm) does not have any advertisements. But, as people recognize it as one of the most famous car company, some symbolized identities do not need excessive advertisements. However, becoming symbolized icon requires advertisements. In this Ferrari case, it won a lot of games.

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