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This week, after learning about the ways in which marketing firms market to kids, I am left feeling somewhat disconcerted. I couldn't believe that there are marketing agencies that observe children using the bathroom and bathing in order to better market products to them. I couldn't believe that parents would subject their children to such scrutiny. We also talked this week about ratings and how little parents have control over the ratings of television programs. Growing up, I remember being the only kid who wasn't allowed to watch PG-13 movies until I was 13. Now my little cousins watch PG-13 movies as early as age 7. Do you think that the government should step in and better enable parents to regulate the programming and advertising their children are subjected to? Or is the parent's responsibility to regulate in the hopes that fewer viewers of programs will result in change?


I think that partents should be made more aware of wat content is actually in the shows they are letting their children see. They should be shown what these kind of shows can to do a child and how it can slowly take their childhood away. Should the government step in, I do not think so because I feel that it the government stepped in parents and others would feel that they would be to invovled in their personal choices. It should be the parents/ guardians responsibility for setting rules for the child and what they are allowed to see. I feel that all we can do is make people more aware of how the rating system has changed and be aware ourselves so that if or when we have children ourselves we are aware and can make the choices of what they can and can not watch.

I think what government needs to do is to notify parents about influences through mass media on their children. After the notification, it is parents’ responsibility to regulate programs that their children watch. As kopec020 said above, too much intervention by government can abuse our freedom of choice. Parents need to be more aware of this case. True! But for leading them to think by their selves, government ought to be more active in widely diffusing the knowledge to parents.

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