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Overall this was a great piece, it was a great introduction to media literacy. It was very easy to understand and showed many key elements to media literacy. The part that i liked the most of this piece was the persuasion techniques because i can easily apply them to my own life and see where i have been affected or not affected by persuasion techniques. I think that the best ads combine many of these persuasion factors; take the old spice ad we watched in class for example. That one 30 second ad used association, beautiful people, celebrities, humor, and extrapolation, just to name a few. There is association between strength, wealth, and beautiful women with using old spice. The ad creates the illusion that if you use old spice you will have all these things. Beautiful people is in the model that sits on the jet ski that Greg Jennings is pushing up. Greg Jennings is also the celebrity influence in the commercial, since he is a very well known green bay packer wide receiver. The ad makes it very clear who he is because he is wearing his football jersey in the ad. The ad uses humor in the fact that you think the woman is riding through waves on her jetski but really it turns out that Jennings has the jetski on his back and is doing pushups. The last element that i will touch on that this ad uses is extrapolation which is drawing huge conclusions from a few details. That is exactly what this ad uses since it only uses a few details like Greg Jennings doing jetski pushups with a stick of old spice next to him. Even with just these details you can do a huge analysis of this ad and that is something that i find really interesting about advertising, that you can pack so much into such a small window of opportunity.

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I totally agree what you said and you analysis of the Old Spicy ad. The only thing I am curious about is that the ad doesn't mention about P&G at all, who is the sponsor behind the scene. It is pretty different from ads we saw in China that brand name is always mentioned in ad. Is this because the market here is fairly mature, so it's not so important to mention brand name again and again or is it because the brand doesn't want to be connected to the single ad?

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