Media Literacy

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According to the text, the media literacy is a set of skills that anyone can learn. Nowadays, many people get most of their information through complex combination of texts, images, and sounds on the advertisements or commercial from ads. Although advertisers did not use explicit meaning on their ads, the viewers could find the latent message from the advertisement. All those activities, media literacy education helps to develop critical thinking and active participation in our media culture. I really agreed with one of the basic media literacy concepts from the textbook, is 'Media construct worlds." Media could inspire our imagination and find latent meaning from the advertisement. Advertising could establish a fantasy world where all problems can be solved with a purchase. For example, when I watched the LOREAL's mascara commercial, I really inspired and wanted to purchase. Its is because the model put that mascara on her eyelash, it became very longer like a miracle. With that scene, the narrator explained that I could have longer lash with Loreal's mascara because their products are ultra lash volume with collagen something. ..They emphasized like Loreal's mascara is up to 12 times more impact than any other stuffs. (The narration could be another evidence that media use "the language of persuasion."). I knew that the longer eyelash was computer graphics, but it made me to believe to have longer lash like the model from the commercials. All media messages try to persuade us to believe, so this commercial succeed to persuade me to purchase this item, even I recognized that was computer graphics. Media literacy helped us to recognize fantasy and constructively integrate it with reality. I really surprised that how media used those kinds of skills to persuade us even we knew it's obvious. I think media has very powerful skills to sway our mind.

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