Media Literacy

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The Media Literacy section that we read for this week was incredibly interesting, because to me it seemed to pair marketing media with social psychology. The section basically stated that if you know how to appeal/manipulate a product/service or an individual for that matter that you are basically going to be at the very center American popular culture. Each of the media concepts make an effort to tie in how people in society are the core of successful media. We are the creators and are the one with a vision. With these media concepts, in a way, we are marketing ourselves to the external world. Products and services are only as good as the people who originate and market them. The social psychology part comes in when the concepts discuss how to market directly to people and what factors are affected. In other words, companies are able to use a variety of the media literacy concepts to successfully market to a wide market. The concept that really stood out to me was #18 when it says that we all create media. We really do--just the fact of posting our thoughts on a social media network can have a significant affect on viewers. The ability to network back and forth with other people is exactly how ideas turn into realities! Being able to communicate with other people quick and efficiently saves time and money; our minds are always racing too, so effective communication is the most resourceful way to exchange/market information.

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