Persuasion Invasion

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Persuasion is something that we learn at a very young age. For me, I learned early on that I could persuade my little brother to go and get pretty much anything for me if I just timed him "to see how fast he was." Part of the key aspect of persuasion is that if you do X you receive Y. That is why media does it to us. They are genius. They know that if they show us something we want or don't want, we can make a decision and receive our hopeful outcome. As Election Day nears, we are bombarded with persuasion and that is what made this topic interesting. Some popular persuasion techniques during election season are the uses of explicit claims. I was literally just walking down the stairs and there was a commercial for a governor from the opposing party. They gave specific details as to why he didn't value education. They followed this up with scary, very unflattering, screen shot photos of him looking upset or mean. Which leads me into the next technique, fear. Fear based ads are somewhat comical to me during election time because they can take a beautiful moment and somehow distort it into something manipulated or completely different. In my media production class we where just discussing how the use of color desaturation can completely change a picture (eg. Black and white vs. saturated colors). The last technique that I wanted to discuss was the warm and fuzzy. This is another common campaign technique. If you put a presidential candidate in a park with kids or at the animal shelter, you mind may instantly go to this guy must be a great man.

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