Persuasion techniques

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While reading about the basic persuasion techniques that companies used, it shocked me to see how many ways they have to persuade us to want their products. The techniques that stood out to me the most are some of the basic persuasion techniques. Beautiful people is one that stood out to me. I have done research on advertisements and the use of beautiful people is one of the most misleading techniques. Most of the women or men that are in the adds are edited by computers and then the images that they are using are not even real. The companies are using "beautiful people" that aren't even real people. They are persuading us with lies and this could be linked to the intermediate persuasion technique of The Big Lie. Showing people what they want using what they want against them. They show these amazing people and then say our product will make you look like this person, but that person isn't even real. Lie on top of lie, why would we want these products if we really know that they will never make us look like the add? We still buy it and we in the back hope that these will work for us. And it is because they can use these and other ways to make us believe that their product works.

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I like your blog on misleading techniques. Last semester I wrote about misleading advertisement techniques. Your point about the beautiful people is exactly right. Advertisers use consumer's emotion to sell their products. Everyone seems to want what they cannot have and everyone wants to be seen as "beautiful" and people want to be perfect. I agree that companies are morally wrong in changing people to look perfect but I also want to pose a question. Has the "American dream" created consumers that only care about material things? This is the way many people think and these materialistic beliefs dictate advertisements by companies.

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