The Language of Persuasion

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The Basic Persuasion Techniques section of the reading, I thought was rather interesting. As I read through the list, I could think of an example of each certain technique. It really opened my eyes, and reminded me of what is going on and what tactic is being used on me when I see an advertisement. One of the tactics that really bothered me was "Experts" It's kinda sad how we can't even trust these highly trained professionals, who of all people, should not be feeding us lies. I've seen several infomercials for acne wash, or some other medicinal ad, where doctors are speaking of all the benefits the product has to offer. But can we really trust what we are hearing? Or are the advertisers holding us up by a string, manipulating our thoughts for the benefit of their own personal agendas.
For some reason, the proactiv acne wash commercials kept popping up in my mind when reading through this list. The advertisers use testimonials from plain folk, as well as celebrities to convince us that what these people are telling us is actually genuine. They look happy and energetic as they are washing their face with the product, and have nothing but positive feedback for the consumer. Fear could also be a tactic that proactiv is using. If you are acne prone, seeing this commercial might instill fear in you, that if you don't purchase the product you will forever be known as pizza face. I will definitely be on the lookout for these persuasion techniques in my everyday life, as it is becoming apparent to me that these are used on everything!!

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