Turning my football addiction into homework

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It's fall, ladies and gentleman. Leaves are starting to change colors, school is in session and most importantly, football is in full swing. As I sit proudly in my Green Bay Packer's jersey (because I know you are wondering, I'm sporting #52, Clay Matthews, the most premium Packer of all), I can't help but think how this blog post needs to get done because I have some pre-game to watch, but I can't seem to focus because football is on the brain. If only I could make football into my homework. Then, suddenly, it hits me! The Superbowl is one of the most watched events of the year. People are soaked up in both the game and the commercials. Football and advertisements go hand-in-hand. So, let's bring these two opposites together and apply what we have learned so far, to some amazing Superbowl commercials. For the sake of brevity, I will analyze my favorite Superbowl commercial. Students of media literacy, I give you Darth Vadar and the Volkswagen Passat! COPY AND PASTE http://vwoa.us/dogstrikesback COPY AND PASTE Now, which advertising schemes can we see here. Little Darth Vadar badly wants to have superpowers. He spends the whole day storming around the house trying to strangle a doll, make a sandwich move, and for lack of a better word, terrorize the dog. Once he finally approaches the Passat, he has just about given up. Thanks to good old Dad and the wonderful invention of the automatic start (which is pretty much viewed as wonderful only by people from states where it snows), Darth Vadar is able to start the car with his "superpowers." We all see Dad work the magic so we attribute the superpowers to Dad and we associate the superpowers with the Passat. To be brief (and for comedic effect), superheroes drive the Passat. Who doesn't want superpowers? Who doesn't want to be awesome? Pretty much no one. Drive a Passat, be a superhero!

What's your favorite Superbowl commercial?
Happy football season!

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I have to agree with you the Vader kid commercial is a great one, but My favorite is the Volkswagen dog, the extended version. I love dogs and for a dog lover like me I see the dog and I am hooked to the commercial so I pay attention more and have more reason to like the product. But in the extended version it goes to the scene in the bar from star wars and they actually state that the dog is better then the Vader kid. Only to have Vader himself start to "choke" the man that said it. Its hard to like one over the other they are both very good.

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