Williamson and Myself

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The piece I've found most interesting at this point is Williamson's Decoding Advertisements. I found it interesting because we are all consumers, but we never like to think we are the ones that companies are targeting for ads. I always think I'm too good to be taken a fool by those guys. But that got me to thinking about times I did or may have spent money or time doing something based simply on advertisements. I thought of the time I bought my iPad. While I didn't just go and buy it after seeing the advertisements, I probably never would have even looked into it if it weren't for all of the ads I saw all the time. That drove me to look into features and ultimately to buy it.

Thinking back, there is one major product preference I can trace back to ads. Growing up, my mom drank Pepsi. When I got old enough I started drinking only Coke. Looking back, they are the same product, so why did I choose what I did? I think I can give the credit to the commercials. I remember always liking the Coke commercials. They were always more fun, like polar bears drinking Coke. I didn't think the Pepsi ads were as fun, so I didn't want to drink it. The choice had nothing to do with the product itself, but only with what the ads portrayed the drink to be. I saw bears enjoying Coke, I assume that Coke is fun, and if it is good enough for a polar bear, who am I to say no?

Finally, I thought a bit about political ads. I know we didn't really focus on them, but I think they are an interesting topic, especially in the midst of election season. I always hear people complaining about political ads, and how they wish they would run ads that were productive. The thing I found most interesting about this is the idea that campaigns run ads that work. The same goes for Pepsi, Coke, Apple, Snickers, everyone. They all run ads that work on the general public. While I understand and accept not all ads work for all people, some people have to be affected by those ads. Otherwise they wouldn't run them. I just find it interesting that everyone I talk to will say how bad the ads are and how they don't do anything but don't take the time to ask why campaigns run the ads then.

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