A few sides of the Male Gaze

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After reading and discussing our articles that dealt with gaze, I wanted to devote my blog post to the value of the male gaze component and what impact it has on a film's intensions--by intensions, I mean of what the men want from the women. I want to start with how the male gaze looks at how men tend to objectify women on screen. This isn't always the case, but often times the cameras and cinematography seem to accommodate to the male perspective in a sexual way. This was evident in the clip we watched in class from Some Like it Hot. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis were staring at Marilyn Monroe's legs when she was about to board the train. Granted they were dressed as women at the time, so perhaps the gaze could be interpreted as a form of comparing their legs to hers, but to most it just looked like the men were getting their fix on a nice set of legs. In my opinion, the male gaze takes on a position of power, sometimes an intense one at that. What example comes to mind right away is the scene from Kill Bill when Bill is talking to Uma Thurman about superheroes; he basically corners Thurman with his words and his gazes--like a predator. Uma is sitting on the couch and Bill is always depicted from a higher, superior ground looking down on Thurman. Mulvey's description of the male gaze appears to favor one side, the men; it always seems like men get what they want out of a woman. The tension that rises fuels the excitement of the scene. A successful film will allow you to insert yourself right in the center of the dialogue, regardless if you are the guy or the girl. The gaze allows the viewer to engage with the protagonist or antagonist and understand the message being communicated--you become the character.

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